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Jong Patent Firm

Tracy Jong Law Firm values quality services at affordable rates. We prefer to assign fixed fees for a specific legal project because we believe this helps clients budget the legal costs to meet their objectives. Our fees include basic copying, fax, mail and phone charges. Tracy Jong Law Firm understands that each client is unique. We acknowledge that clients have different needs and financial abilities. By offering a customer scope of services, we give the clients the ability to choose what depth and type of service best fits their needs and budget.

We do not provide fee quotes on our website because each case is unique and we need to fully understand the client’s need before giving a price. Often times, what a client thinks they want is not in their legal best interest, so we find it best to speak to a team members or our attorney first. If you are serious about using a qualified, dependable, and affordable firm to assist you with your legal needs, we encourage you to contact our office to set up a call or meeting with one of our team members.

General Billing Policies

Before proceeding with legal work, our firm requires payment in full or an executed payment agreement and guaranty. We may, but are not required to, offer payment plans for services exceeding $1,000. We reserve the right to require a credit check before offering a payment plan. All payment plans require a pre-authorized credit card debt and a guaranty by all business owners. If any payment is missed or charge is denied, the full payment will be due immediately and no further payment plans will be offered.

Once substantial work has commenced on your matter, our minimum fee is 50% if the project is terminated for any reason. (In many cases, where the circumstances merit and not much time has been devoted to the project, we give a courtesy and bills less than 50% as our minimum fee.) All previously collected (and undisbursed) disbursements will be refunded in their entirety.

You, as the client, are responsible for disbursements regardless of the outcome of the case. When exceeding $20 for a particular matter, we reserve the right to bill for expenses such as postage, express mail, special postage services, other overnight carrier charges, photo printing and commercial printer expenses if needed. These are billed out as the actual costs are incurred and have no-mark up. We may require that costs and expenses that must be disbursed be paid in advance.

Our bills are normally prepared and mailed within a few days of completing the work. To keep our rates as low as possible, we endeavor to minimize write-offs and noncollectable legal fees. We have the following policies to accomplish this: Most work requires an advanced payment. All bills are due and payable upon receipt. After 10 days, there will be a $50 late fee and a 1.5% per month interest will be applied to carried balances for legal services. If our firm provides the courtesy of advancing filing fees or other disbursements on your behalf, we require that these be reimbursed within 5 days. After 5 days, a 10% administrative charge will be added. This is a totally avoidable charge!

For your convenience, we accept credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card) and PayPal. We are able to telechecks. We also accept IMS Barter as a form of payment for legal services (not disbursements). Credit card payments may be made directly on our website) and you will instantly receive a receipt if you provide your e-mail address. Returned checks and denied credit card payments incur a $50 charge to cover our costs and bank fees. Credit card back-charges will be the responsibility of the client for any reversed credit card transaction.

If a third party is assisting you with payments, we are happy to accept payment and apply it to your account. However, you are responsible for work performed on your behalf and we will look to you for payment of past due amounts.

If bills are not paid when due, the firm reserves the right to discontinue legal services and to withdraw from representing you as a client. However, we will not discontinue service without giving you notice of our intention. In the event of the firm's withdrawal, we will mail a certified letter to your last known address. Upon receipt of your written request and payment of any necessary shipping costs, all your papers and property in the firm's possession will be returned to you.

When we offer a fixed fee price, it is based on a standard amount of time communicating with the client. If a client desires additional meetings or calls, we reserve the right to request an additional fee for this expanded scope of service. Our fee is also based on the assumption that clients will return our calls and emails promptly and provide requested information and documents in a timely manner. For clients who require more than 3 follow ups, we reserve the right to request an additional fee for this expanded scope of service.

Clients who fail to return our calls and emails make it impossible to complete our work in a timely and efficient manner and detract from our ability to serve other clients. This can make it difficult for us to offer fixed fees when additional time is wasted needlessly sending repeat emails or leaving repeat messages on voicemail. If a client fails to return a communication after 3 attempts to reach him or her, we reserve the right to put the case in a dormant status. A 10% fee will be due to re-activate the case.